IT solutions for:

Law Firms

  • Deployed the latest Cisco products for a prominent Manhattan law firm.

  • Implemented a stack of Cisco 9300 and Cisco Catalyst 9400 as a core switch.

  • Designed the network in our staging lab, then installed it onsite.

  • Installed PowerEdge R730xd servers.

Medical Offices

  • Replaced HA pair of outdated Cisco 5510 firewalls with Barracuda F80 firewalls.

  • Designed and deployed a full network implementation for a small medical office.

  • Improved backup storage solution by implementing a new Barracuda Backup 690 server.

  • Currently provide proactive monitoring and regular onsite walkthroughs.

Real Estate & Construction

  • Designed and deployed a full network implementation for a mid-sized real estate company.

  • Installed a video surveillance and storage solution.

  • Deployed a Cisco Meraki network.

  • Configured the network in our lab with a stack of HP Aruba 2930 PoE switches and HP Aruba 3810 fiber switches, then installed it onsite.

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Great benefits from Network Lab.

  • Control Operating Costs – Budget control is one of the most important aspects of business success. Cost management and return on investment (ROI) will define your decisions for selecting a partner that will be responsible for the maintenance and security of your systems and network. We offer various models, such as flat fee (monthly rate), pay-per-service, or something customized to your needs (e.g. agile-flexible budgeting).

  • Proactive Network Maintenance and Issue Prevention – The stability, resilience, health, and steady growth of your IT environment are all equally important. We’ll help you focus on having a fast network, a stable infrastructure, and hard-/software that can be easily tested and upgraded. High-flexibility and agility of configurations is a must.

  • Enhanced Network Security – Security is important. However, storing everything internally and only using internal staff for support is not always optimal. We can help you decide whether using a secure cloud platform with a high-level of encryption can enhance the overall security of your environment.

  • High Level of Network Availability – Even during non-business hours, your network must be available and stable. Your clients might be using your network 24/7, and you want to ensure that they can do it efficiently and reliably. As your organization grows and you attract more clients, your reputation will become even more important. We’ll make sure that your network is guarded continuously by qualified experts that can respond any time if there is an outage or need for emergency support.

  • High-Level Support on Up-to-Date Tech – Technology is a fast-evolving domain, and you want to stay abreast of the latest innovations. In our current work-from-home world, this is not a luxury, but a necessity. To avoid sensitive data leaks or security breaches, we’ll make sure that your software and network are always updated with the latest recommended version of available upgrades.

  • Average Duration of Downtime and Its Impact on Productivity – You want to focus on your business. You don’t want to be concerned with downtime and system outages. Should such situations arise unexpectedly, you want to make sure they are mitigated in a timely manner, with limited impact to your business and reputation. As your IT support partner, we’ll be easily reachable, responsive, and adaptive to your unique business needs.

  • System Centralization – It’s important that your employees and clients can access data quickly and efficiently. This calls for a healthy balance between centralized storage and decentralized control and access points. We’ll help you determine the best facility (physical and/or virtual) for consolidated data storage for your business needs to ensure fast accessibility, regardless of location.

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