IT Managed Services

Our complete IT managed services solution takes on all time-consuming tasks.

  • 24/7 Help Desk Support

  • Proactive Monitoring & Alerting for All Critical Systems

  • Advanced IT Security Protection
  • Backup Management & Replication

Network Deployment & Support

We’ll build a well-strategized plan to make the deployment process smooth and seamless.

  • Scheduling
  • Equipment Installation or Removal

  • Network Testing
  • Software Installation

Security Services

The Network Lab Secure Suite is a holistic package covering all critical aspects of IT security – not just antivirus. It is available at a fixed monthly cost that enables budgets to be controlled and costs capped.

  • Audit & Risk Register

  • IT Security Training & Compliance
  • Network Penetration Tests
  • Website Protection

Business Continuity & Disaster Recovery

Network Lab’s experts will implement a business continuity plan to help you resume operations instantly in system failures or data loss.

  • Customer Protection

  • Malware Recovery

  • Flexibility
  • Improved Uptime & Availability

Help Desk

Get 24/7 support services with our help desk options, including onsite support, phone, email or secure remote desktop session.

  • 24/7 Help Desk
  • Patch Management / OS Updates
  • Service Level Agreement
  • Central Antivirus / Spyware Management for Desktops & Laptops

Strategic Planning

Whether you require day-to-day IT support or occasional consulting, Network Lab provides exactly what you need.

  • IT Security Consulting
  • Cost-Conscious IT Solutions
  • Organizational Design
  • Business Continuity Planning

Need a personalized solution?

Our IT and networking solutions provide a unique service experience.

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provide organizational design and consulting services to various companies and organizations. My clients are senior executives and technology groups of large firms (mostly in the investment banking, insurance, and pharmaceutical sectors). A significant part of my work involves training and coaching cross-functional, agile delivery teams that are involved in product/software development and hardware installation and configuration.

I’ve had the pleasure of working with Network Lab on multiple occasions, either directly, by referring them to my clients, or as an extension of my own services by sub-contracting them through my own company.

I was particularly impressed by Network Lab’s:

  • Ability to easily integrate with my clients’ technology personnel.
  • In-depth knowledge of various aspects of software and hardware SDLC (IT managed services, network deployment, security, infrastructure).
  • Ability to learn new concepts (e.g. integration of software and hardware in the same project) of agile/adaptive product development.
  • Professionalism and outstanding collaboration/soft skills.

On many occasions, Network Lab has provided services for my own company, particularly for high-speed network and data backup support, which are my main business needs.

I will continue using Network Lab as a trusted service provider and business partner, and will readily recommend them to anyone who is looking for the same.

Gene G.

Founder – KSTS Consulting

Frequently Asked Questions.

Remote IT Support is based on remote devices support, which are software and IT devices that permit an IT technician to remotely link to a computer system from wherever they might be. In most short words, a remote IT support provider designates a licensed technician to a customer in different areas as the service provider. Moreover, this means is that the customer can be located throughout the globe. Also, as long as they have a network connection, a remote tech support representative will be able to assist!

From this point, the licensed specialist will certainly have the ability to access your computer through his screen as if it were his very own, enabling him to manage the computer system from another location so that he may be able to determine the issue and locate an option for it right now. A customer support representative will be readily available to interact with any questions or extra tasks you wish to show to the online IT support service technician. You will also have the ability to talk with the qualified specialist through a conversation on your shared screen.

With all that said, what can a remote IT support service technician provide for you? He can do anything an onsite technician can unless it’s a hardware issue. Services that online IT support professionals can do are:

  • Adware/Spyware tidy up
  • Updates
  • Virus protection verification
  • Momentary data cleaning
  • Disk drive defragmentation
  • Start-up optimization
  • Virus check

All in actual time.

A managed IT company with IT Consulting Services can add immediate quality to a company by giving access to advanced devices and modern IT technology support that your competitors don’t have. IT consulting is a cost-efficient technique for organizations that rely upon IT efficiency to support their business processes. Moreover, IT consulting has proved helpful to companies in every industry by giving IT leaders when you need them and for a portion of the price of preserving a permanent IT division.

To be successful in any business, you require the appropriate employees (within the budget plan) to exceed your competitors. It’s the same principle in the complex field of modern IT technology. You can not achieve a winning IT technology environment that supports your business processes by having your cousin that took a computer technology training course. You need a group of IT experts who have experience in your sector, understand compliance laws, and successfully align your systems with your business goals. To hire this quality of expertise as a part of your internal IT staff would typically be out of your budget. However, a Professional IT solution provider can supply IT experts for a portion of the cost.

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