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Our IT Managed Services.

Strategic IT Business Roadmap

We’ll future-proof your business by providing unique strategies and technologies for your specific market to give you a competitive advantage.

Advanced Network Security

Our 24 x 7 x 365 proactive cybersecurity services mitigate risk via managed vulnerability scanning, automated monitoring and alerting, and endpoint zero-day risk defense.

Vendor Management

We’ll function as your liaison with suppliers and manufacturers. If a covered network resource has a vital error, we’ll contact the vendor to resolve the issue. In the event of a hardware failure, we’ll produce an RMA and manage the RMA process. When the replacement arrives, we’ll help you configure it.

Updates & Patches

We’ll ensure proper network functionality by regularly updating and patching the software/firmware of your covered network resources.

Free Onsite Support

There may be times that your covered network resources require onsite troubleshooting. You’ll receive a monthly allotment of free onsite support for those scenarios. Our engineers are based in NYC, but travel all over the country to help our clients.

Proactive Monitoring & Alerting

Our managed services provide on-demand support, monitoring, management, and continual security scans and alerts for your IT systems.

Live Help Desk Response

Our fully staffed help desk and field service teams work to resolve all your IT questions, supplying quick response times and effective services so you can focus on your business.

Onsite Walkthroughs

We’ll conduct regular walkthroughs of your physical site(s), during which we’ll visually review your network devices. Physical inspections allow us to ensure your devices are set up optimally, which is important for preventing network issues.

Backup & Disaster Recovery

Our backup and disaster recovery service utilizes continuous monitoring and backup management to protect your data. In the event of disaster, we’ll deploy a recovery strategy to ensure business continuity.

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IT Managed Services

IT Management services transfer all or component of the daily management responsibility for a client’s network environment (including LAN hardware as well as software, WAN – voice and data – and also voice network equipment and also software) and, sometimes, the ownership of the technology or workers assets, to an outside vendor. These services might consist of system operation or support, facility preparation, asset management, schedule management, performance management, administration, security, remote monitoring, technical diagnostics/troubleshooting, arrangement management, system repair management, and generation of management records. Network remote monitoring and control and backup and recovery services also fall under this group when some management level is included in the solution.


In many ways, Managed IT Services helps organizations make sure the appropriate people and the suitable sources are allocated in the most effective possible methods, which, consequently, supplies monetary benefit. Other typical efforts Managed IT Services can support include:

  • Improving customer fulfillment.
  • Purchasing new sources.
  • Maximizing existing sources’ usage.
  • Refining a company’s agility.

Right here’s a look at a couple of methods Managed IT Services gives economic advantages to organizations:


As service proprietors and IT supervisors, you look to innovation to boost efficiency and boost the method you operate. When your creation does not do that, there’s a problem.

Anytime your users can not work, you shed cash.

According to IDC’s data, unintended downtime expenses organizations $58,118 for every single 100 users. The ordinary worker was losing 12.4 hours a year due to server downtime and 6.2 hrs a year for network downtime. By executing Managed IT Services, they were able to decrease web server and network downtime by more than 85 percent.


Changing to a Managed IT carrier reduces framework expenses in several methods. When a Managed IT supplier controls your infrastructure, you can downsize the number of on-site facilities by utilizing their data facilities. You minimize the price of the equipment and the power it uses, and the space for it.

Furthermore, you’ll see cost savings connected to licensing, training, and consulting. All of these requirements are covered by a single, month-to-month investment. These services don’t go away to save your money; however, they are all structured and better managed through a solitary carrier. Overall, each organization in this study saved $146,801 per 100 customers each year just on costs connected to infrastructure.


This advantage is in a linear relationship to personnel performance and is associated explicitly with your IT division. All frequently, we see IT staff consumed with fixing customer issues or taking care of defective devices. These tasks take their focus off their primary responsibilities. By contracting out the functions and management of your IT setting to a managed companies, your team – those in IT and those not in IT – can remain concentrated on the more critical top priorities.

In the IDC research study, companies experienced savings associated with reallocating staff resources and bypassing the demand for extra staffing costs, which converted right into a 42 percent ordinary rise inefficiency.


Managed IT Services help you counter the initial investment of innovation costs. Instead of investing hundreds of bucks on equipment and software upfront, you spend for the service with a reduced monthly financial investment. Because the service is an operational cost and not a funding expenditure, you do not have virtually as many sources linked to managing your organization’s innovation. And also, upgrading to new software consists of your service, suggesting you won’t acquire surcharges to keep your innovation up-to-date.


When you have Managed IT Services, you’ll be paying the same quantity no matter just how much support you require monthly. This implies you’ll understand specifically what to budget and also precisely what service you’ll get, enabling you to be a lot more versatile when purchasing other areas of your business. As well as keeping an eye on your expenses is simpler than ever.


You know it as well as we understand it: Time is money. IT problems interfere with efficiency and stall tasks. As well as time spent struggling to fix IT problems is cash down the tubes. When you use Managed IT Services, you won’t have workers awaiting someone to determine their technical problem to get them up and also running. Instead, you’ll be able to promptly access a professional who can fix your trouble and obtain your business back on course, usually within minutes.


As your organization expands, its support framework needs to develop, too. When you utilize Managed IT Services, you can scale your company up or down with nothing more than a straightforward discussion with your provider. If you employ 10, 15 or also 50 workers, your company can support them. Similarly, if you’re not using a specific application in a cloud computer, you can conveniently eliminate it.

Managed IT Services uses the best flexibility, qualified to increase and contract based on your service requirements. This is specifically helpful in your organization’s very early years and during durations of considerable growth when points can transform at a minute’s notification.


Lastly, all of the above benefits of Managed IT Services integrate to raise total service performance by creating an IT environment that is reliable, scalable, and well-supported. IDC determined the results of total business efficiency on earnings, and they came up with an annual benefit of $229,511.

There are several interpretations of what a Managed IT provider does; however, the most effective one is: a business that is the proactive supervisor that keeps and checks an organization’s IT systems regularly while having the experience to do so. The company below is referred to as Managed IT Service Provider or MSP. This firm bills a month-to-month cost to deal with these projects at an Organization.

MSPs likewise have many bundles that provide:

  • Companies software and technology updates.
  • Backup and disaster recovery.
  • Firewall software monitoring.
  • Paper management.
  • Data security.
  • Data storage space.
  • Breach detection.
  • Any other services that keep the innovation at a client running efficiently.

To keep their costs in check and enhance efficiency, most MSPs use remote monitoring and management (RMM) software to assist in maintaining tabs on their clients’ IT features. RMM software allows Managed IT Service Provider from another location to repair and remedy issues and problems with web servers and endpoint devices. With RMM, Managed IT provider can handle countless customers’ IT systems all at once.

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